CIG Business Services

CIG Business Services launches easy 12-month Payment Plan Package to combat Covid-19

Entreprenurs’ package from CIG to help SMEs sustain and grow during pandemic

CIG Business Services, a subsidiary of Capital International Group of Enterprises LLC, introduces a number of steps to support entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates at this challenging time. CIG Business Services launched the package under the directives of Mr. Ayub Ahmed Sait, CEO & Managing Director of Capital International Group, the Boost to entrepreneurs’ package contains 2 initiatives, which aim to reduce costs and provide the flexibility to the entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates in various government related services.

1. CIG promises to provide 50 per cent discount on corporate sponsorships

When it comes to Mainland LLC businesses, 51 per cent of the shares owned by the foreign company goes to the assigned business partner (local or corporate sponsor). And the foreign investors enjoy the remaining 49 per cent of the company shares. Also, when it comes to Mainland Professional businesses, there will be local service agent for the foreign company and here the foreign investors enjoy 100 per cent of the company shares.

Entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates find it tough to manage yearly fixed costs to run their businesses in an economically challenged market.‎ It can also be a challenge for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates to find ‎the right business practices to save on fixed cost and get the organization to be sustainable and move into growth mode. CIG Business Services has come up with 50 per cent discount to provide reliable and aligned corporate sponsorship in the UAE for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates in a manner that is professional, prompt and hassle-free.

2. CIG has come up with the most flexible payment plan in association with Emirates NBD and Mashreq Bank

All of these various options accomplish one crucial thing – they break up the costs for individual clients, allowing them to pay for services over a period of time. For companies and individuals who are tight on cash, these payment plans often make it easier to purchase the product in question.

So, CIG has come up with the most flexible payment plan in association with Emirates NBD and Mashreq Bank with 0 interest for a up to 12-month payment plan. Such plans make it easier for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates.

Be it new business incorporation, office space in a premium location, license renewal or visa issuance,
for all these times when you need to pay for something immediately, but don’t have the resources, we can help! Make the purchase with CIG and convert it into an easy-to-manage payment plan spread over 12 months. People want to try new things. That is why the “experience economy” is booming. We are not just eager to help our community of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs but existing businesses as well, hence we have launched a campaign to ease the current business cost, which we call the CIG Take Off Plan. We are ready to beat any current offer by up to 50 per cent with this offer as we try to empower growth during business uncertainty.

– Ayub Ahmed, CEO & Managing Director, Capital International Group

CIG has partnered with Emirates NBD and Mashreq to offer clients the opportunity to spread out payments for CIG services over multiple instalments using their credit cards at a 0 per cent interest rate.

The instalment plan offers existing and new members the flexibility to convert CIG payments for company set-up, renewal or any other service-related fees into three, six or 12-month instalment plans with no interest charges. The service is available for CIG clients when using any Emirates NBD/ Mashreq Bank credit card issued to individuals or corporates, with a minimum payment of Dh1,000.

The partnership offers over 15,000 CIG member companies the benefits of making ongoing routine payments conveniently, providing liquidity and financial flexibility. The offer will also assist new companies to make business solution related payments in a more manageable way and at no additional cost.

Ayub Ahmed Sait, CEO & Managing Director – Capital International Group, said: “It has been our top priority to help entrepreneurs, SMEs and the corporate community over the past few months and will remain so as we reach this new reopening and recovery phase.”