Dubai is known to protect and nurture the interests of aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen. Furthermore, the procedure to be followed to start a business in the UAE is very straightforward. Professionals at CIG Business Services have the experience and expertise to help you get started quickly. For entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in the profitable UAE marketplace, setting up a branch office is one of the best options.


With the office of CIG Business Services located in one of the most prestigious locations near Burj Khalifa, we are well-placed to help you find a suitable office for rent in Dubai. When you visit us at our office, you will be able to get first-hand experience of what it means to have an office in the world’s most prestigious location.

Dubai is a dream place for entrepreneurs to set up offices because of its stunning buildings and iconic views. However, Dubai is prohibitively expensive. That’s why we offer our office spaces at some of the best locations in Dubai at affordable rents.

According to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, businesses should have an office to prove they are legitimate. When it comes to choosing an office for rent in the UAE, a wide range of solutions that best suit new businesses and start-ups alike are available. They include fully furnished offices for rent in Dubai and shared office spaces. Virtual office space in Dubai is another option available to entrepreneurs. Find the best office space for rent in Dubai with our help and take full advantage of a well-equipped, affordable, and easily accessible workspace!

Cig Dubai

Flexible Office Solutions in Dubai

Expert office solution consultants at CIG will discuss with you in detail your business goals and then recommend the right office space for you.

Furnished Office for Rent in Dubai

Dubai offers fully furnished, modern office spaces that boast of having world-class amenities at competitive rates. These ready-to-work office spaces help you get started quickly without wasting time furnishing an office.


The Flexi-desk is for part-time use when you are in the process of identifying a full-time address for your business and giving it a professional appearance. Flexi-desk comes with a host of amenities that support business growth.

Dedicated Desk

If you already have full-time staff working for you and they need dedicated desks, a serviced desk is the right option for you.

Serviced Office

A fully furnished office or a serviced office can be considered if you want to accommodate more staff members. The number of staff members will depend on the size of your company. 

Coworking Space in Dubai

The best coworking spaces in the UAE are smart offices that are complete with communication solutions and enable hassle-free operation.

Virtual Office Setup in Dubai

If you really don’t need an expensive physical office, a virtual office space would help. It is a good option for freelancers and home-based businesses, start-ups and small businesses, and even international companies.

Why Choose CIG?

  • We offer highly reliable business support services
  • We have extensive experience in setting up offices
  • We provide customized services
  • We offer our services at competitive rates
  • We offer the best turnaround times

Renting office space in a business center is an affordable way of setting up a company in Dubai. We can get you a full-fledged office that offers facilities such as reception, meeting rooms, a pantry, parking, etc. Acquiring an office for rent in the UAE requires you to obtain several different permissions from the concerned government department and municipality. A coworking brilliant desk is the right choice for a sole proprietorship, small establishment, or start-up company. We are by far the top business setup services provider in the UAE. Besides, CIG is also a one-stop solution provider for getting an office for rent in Dubai.