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Set up an Accounting Training Center in Dubai

The economy has had a facelift from the industrial age to the contemporary world with two essential facets. With ample contributions made to the shaping up of the economy of each industry, they are- accounting and financing!

Undoubtedly the demand for expert accounting professionals will never cease and will continue to rise in the years to come! 

All Accounting and Financing establishments are set up in the Dubai mainlands or Freezones. Department of Economic Development (DED) is the legal body that authorizes all establishments in the Dubai mainland.

DED actively transforms the work decorum for each establishment to proceed with their key operations hassle-free and maintain a sound business atmosphere for the emergent entrepreneurs. 

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to start up an Accounting and financing Training Center in Dubai? Are you unsure and quite doubtful of how to move forward and eventually accomplish this task in hand? 

CIG, a Business setup consultancy in Dubai, would love to throw light on the basic and essential steps needed to start an accounting and financing training Centre in Dubai! 

First and foremost, you must acquire permission granted from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai(KHDA). 

Choose your premium office space in the right spot to launch your training centre with CIG! 

CIG can help you in rounding off a perfect spot for starting your establishment. After finalizing your location, the basic details for the facility have to be forwarded for preliminary approval as per KHDA guidelines.

It would be best to note that the training materials should also be approved by KHDA so that you can move forward for availing trade license by the respective licensing authority. 

CIG provides ample support and consistent guidance at all walks of availing trade licenses to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process free of errors and mishaps. 

Are you having a million question marks probing your head by now? Worry not. CIG has decades of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs in the course of establishing their dream business in the UAE, and we will assist you around the clock at all instances of trade licensing and subsidiary procedures. 

How to Avail the License of a Training Institute in Dubai?

By now, you would have come in peace with the terms that to start an accounting centre in Dubai, pre-approval from the training centre is necessary. 

Establish your own business in Dubai, such as a training institute in Dubai mainland or one of the various Dubai free zones such as :

● Dubai Academic city

● Dubai Internet City

● Dubai Studio City

● Dubai Design District

Below are the steps to follow for getting a training centre license in Dubai:

Step – 1

The first stage of the Department of Economic Development (DED)

● Seek the initial approval

● Trade name reservation is a necessity

Step – 2 

Initial Phase of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

● Application form

● Course list

● Registration plan

● Passport copies & notarized signature of all Shareholders and manager

● Nominate a qualified manager with attested certificates

The business plan is further scrutinized by KHDA. KHDA can either approve or disapprove the application. The fee of AED 30,000 has to be paid for availing of permits, and KHDA will issue NOC.

Step – 3 

Second Phase of DED

● Apply for the Professional License

● Submit the documents and paperwork collected from the Initial Phase.

Step – 4 

Second Phase of KHDA

● Submit a copy of the professional license

● Copy of tenancy contract

● Civil defense certificate

What makes Obtaining License in Dubai Mainland And Freezones Similar? 

As the terms sound different, the procedure for starting and accounting centres in both areas also remains different. In addition, the steps of obtaining an accounting centre license from Freezone to freezone also changes.

The KHDA approvals remain equally obligate for both the commercial entities, be it Dubai free zone or mainland, and has a vital role. 

After receiving the pre-approval from the Dubai free zone authority or mainland, authorization from the KHDA is mandatory.

These involve –

● Proceed the business plan and basic details to KHDA for initial approval.

● Forward the training centre materials for approval.

● The documents in favour of the training centre’s teacher and instructor are also required.

● Once KHDA issues the support, the license shall then be obtained from the respective supervising authority Freezone or Dubai mainland.

Why CIG? 

We, at CIG, will take the extra mile for helping you make apt choices for you and your business. Being a long-time established business consultancy in the UAE region, we have the expertise you seek. We provide dedicated services for companies and businessmen keenly interested in establishing or expanding their business in Dubai. If you have any other queries associated with setting up your business, you may contact us. We are quite elated to guide you.