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How to start a business in Dubai free zone?

So, you have been thinking about how to start a business in a Dubai-free zone, but did you find the solution yet?

Before going into the details, you need to be sure about the type of business you are going to start. Firstly, you have to decide whether to be a freelancer or establish a free zone company with an onboard team.

If you have freelancer instincts, then it is going to be easy for you. However, not all free zones will provide you with freelance permits, so you may end up having tough times when it comes to making choices. But on the other hand, CIG believes that if you choose the free zone company option, there are many choices with sector-driven and all-inclusive zones as well.

If you have concluded that starting your company in a free zone is the most feasible and rewarding option for you, then CIG shares tips on how to get started.

1. Determine a business activity 

The essential step in establishing your Dubai free zone business setup is rounding off the business activities you wish to pursue, as this will affect where you can register your company. The type of license you apply for will also be based on the activities you wish to execute – such as professional services, commercial, trading, etc.

While enlisting every activity you are going to perform may seem tiring, keep in your thoughts that there is no need for any restrictions. Many Dubai free zones permit multiple business activities under one license.

Dubai lays some instructions about what activities are to be performed under what license. Therefore, the best possible way is to associate with a company formation specialist like CIG at this respective stage to make sure of a smooth process.

2. Choose a free zone

Once you’ve finished your trail of business activities, the subsequent step is choosing which free zone is the best fit for you.

Before arriving at this decision, you must check many factors – right from where you wish to set up in a sector-driven free zone. Outsourcing, media, healthcare, ICT, production, design, maritime, science, and finance are various industries to pinpoint that are catered to by Dubai’s industry-based free zones.

3. Select a company name

Assigning a name for your establishment is not an easy task, irrespective of which part of the world you decide to set up the company.

There are a handful of factors to rethink, from the emotional instances to the practical elements. Do you believe in a name that evokes an emotional vibe, for instance? And if it does, what does it convey? Trustworthy? Elite? Also, CIG would like to bring to your attention that, here in the UAE, there are some naming conventions to abide by.

When deciding your UAE company name, the preliminary step is to assure your business name is open to be registered. Well, a company set up specialist in Dubai like CIG can quickly sort this out for you. 

4. Proceed with your license application

After having a clear-cut idea on what you’re precisely planning to do, where you would like to make it practical, and beneath which title you’ll trade, the next crucial move to your Dubai free zone company formation official is by submitting your application.

The required documents essential for Dubai free zone company formation may vary based on the nature of license you are applying for and which free zone you have opted for. 

5. Find a suitable office space

Buying or leasing office spaces in free zones are permissible. Office requirements may vary depending on staffing and the nature of the business activity of your establishment.

In Dubai Airport Free Zone, you are given the opportunities to round off’ Office Packages’, ‘Smart Desk Office Packages’ and ‘Executive Office Packages’, for which you can seek the professional expertise of CIG to set up your office. 

6. Apply for visas

Commencing your visa application at this stage is also possible. You are readily allowed to apply for your visa as well as those of your employees and any domestic staff you may have.

Whether applying for your visa or sponsoring someone else’s, the process remains the same: entry permit, status adjustment, medical fitness test, then Emirates ID registration and visa stamping.

Without any sorts of inhibitions, a business setup consultancy, CIG, can help you pass this phase.

7. Apply for your corporate bank account

Obviously, you need a bank account so that you may trade. Opening a corporate bank account in the UAE is as easy as it seems, and there are several key pointers to cross – in addition to abiding by each bank’s eligibility criteria at the least.

Beforehand, you need to be ready with the correct documentation in the first place. Subsequently, you’ll need to approach a financial institution. CIG can be a helping hand respectively, and guide you on the best bank to fall in line with your exact needs.

Dubai free zone company formation made smooth, hassle-free for you! 

And it’s done! It is not as tough as you thought, and you may be relieved by now. It takes just seven steps to realize your Dubai free zone business setup. Obviously, as it lies for any business decision, there are huge pitfalls along the way. But with the consciousness and alert mind and the proper mentoring and advice, in most instances, you’ll be on the receiving end of having your business set up in just a couple of weeks.

Why establish your business through CIG?

Let whatsoever be your reasons for establishing a business in Dubai and your ideology behind the setup you choose, CIG will assist you right from the first baby steps and guide you through every step of the process. That is from opting for business activity, selecting a company name to set up your office space, registering with the respective authorities, quickly opening corporate bank accounts, and processing visa applications.

CIG offers hassle-free, smooth licensing services coupled with professional business setup services in Dubai to ease you off the tiring deck of paperwork. Breathe life to your entrepreneurial dreams with CIG!