Advantages of Hot Desking CIG Dubai

How Hot Desking became a popular choice lately?

With the onset of remote work, co-working spaces, open plans, hot-desking is the latest entrant into the modern work-life sector in UAE. 

Wait before you round off hot desking in UAE as a mere trend! It permits people to work when and where they want. The flexibility provided by this adaptive work style encourages both self-employed individuals and established companies to be at their professional best; stay productive and be connected around the clock. 

A long trail of benefits is inherently associated with hot-desking once adopted in the serviced office spaces in Dubai. To speak better, the pros of hot-desking have multiple dimensions than the most obvious ones, like convenience and flexibility! Hot desking comes with the palatable merit of coordination and creativity, adding to the success milestones. 

Hot-desking may seem to be an outright foreign word with little to no clarity over how it affects a workspace to many. For this, CIG, a business set-up consultancy in Dubai, is going to divulge details on hot-desking and whether it is the right choice for your establishment! 

What is Hot Desking? 

An organizational workspace system where desks are alternatively employed on an Adhoc basis by distinct people at different time slots. 

Potentially, the prime motive is to boost space utilization and decrease real estate risk by eliminating redundant office space. Hot-desking can be made a reality both in private offices and co-working spaces as well.

The flexibility which comes as a boon of hot-desking results in elevated employee innovation. It encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration also.

Now you may have doubts regarding how a hot desk can be configured in a workspace! 

How does Hot Desking work?

The work culture is quite elementary as 1,2,3!

1. Find a desk, 

2. plugin, 

3. and get to work! 

As mentioned before, hot-desking offers space for professionals to work as per their requirements, in both private and shared office spaces. This signifies that the essentials for hot-desking may fluctuate based on the work environment, but CIG lists the primary factors to consider. 

Specifications of Hot Desking

● Power outlets and phones

Hot desks are prewired with their power outlets and WiFi connection.

● Scheduled meeting rooms

Most hot-desking arrangements in shared co-working spaces permit you to book meeting rooms through an app or a web log-in.

● Printing amenities

Similarly, hot-desking spaces mostly have a central printer, which workers can use through an app or web log-in, like bookable meeting rooms.

● Personal items storage space

The most commonly raised concern of professionals in a hot-desking work sphere is the lack of a dedicated “space” to store their bags, coats, and work accessories. This can be either resolved by arranging a separate locker room or cubby holes. 

● Technology and internet

Hot-desking wouldn’t have been earthly possible if it hadn’t been for laptops, tablets, and smartphones! Also, make sure that office spaces with hot-desking arrangements should be enabled with WiFi to accommodate.

Now with what hot desking actually means, how hot desking can be set up in a workspace, what are the specifications of hot desking to consider, CIG enlists the most potential merits of adopting hot-desking; in your workspace! 

Advantages of Hot Desking

The benefits of hot desking are purely contextual. In the case of a freelancer, asking may come as a boon to meet different clients and work in different schedules compared to a seasoned entrepreneur who lays prominence on flexible lease terms coupled with the flexibility of hiring employees and sending them to different workspaces in distinct cities and relief from heavy office space rent in Dubai. 

● Hot-desking for self-employed workers

Are you a consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur? Then hot desking can be a perfect choice that enables you to work in a flexible, cost-effective manner —without the hassles or stringent regulations of long-term office leases.

● Hot-desking for enterprise companies

Employing a new human resource runs heavy on the budget, and it is also an inevitable cause. With hot-desking, enterprise companies can remote employees without making any upfront investment. 

Hot desking permits you to expand your team where talent sprouts without hosting up to dedicated space or managing relocation costs.

● Increased associations and innovation—for all! 

Carving a niche for a diversified microcosm of professionals! Irrespective of a private office or a larger co-working space, hot desking assemble people from different teams or companies, leading to fresh opportunities. 

Knowledge-share, social interactions, and the decentralization of innovation processes are the pros of working in hot-desking environments.

To ease the pain of managing the escalated number of people in the remote workforce and companies introducing and trying various hybrid workplace models, CIG teaches hot desks on the mainstream and other workspaces like meeting rooms and private offices, which are much more accessible and flexible!

If hotdesking is a perfect fit for you and your company, discuss with the CIG business setup consultants at the earliest!