Dubai owns a track record of hosting top-class businesses, local communities, businesses and government work in harmony to achieve common goal for everyone who steps in UAE for the purpose of business growth and extension.

Still confused about Why Dubai? This will help you to determine your choice.

Dubai is world’s next door neighbor at the crossroads of Middle East, Africa and Asia, it is one of the fastest and largest growing economies with an easy access and free trading to A LOT of things! One-third of the global population is just four hours of flying time away while the others are within eight hours, YES we are that close! And so do your business when it comes down growing with bigger market and bigger market share.

There are multiple competitive advantages that you will enjoy being in Dubai, as it is leading international center for businesses, the overall market exposure is like no other, in terms of people, industry and tourism. People from all over the world travel to Dubai, it is a hub for diversity, so your product reach will be coming across a lot of generations.

In Dubai, you can get a dynamic workforce for your business which works to invest in strategic infrastructure and transportation projects to ensure the successful future. Dubai has friendly policies when it comes down to businesses and it’s free port remains one of the biggest perks as you can easily start exporting and trading of your product. It has been known as a trading society, bought open doors for the modern world, attracting many foreign businesses and investment through it’s free-zones. Minimal VAT and income tax with easy tax policies.

Dubai is a home for diversities and more than 200 nationalities, it welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and faiths. It has a cosmopolitan, pleasant lifestyle with a safe and secured environment, low crime rate, high-quality accommodation and leisure activities.

There is nothing to hold you back, setup your business in Dubai NOW!

Mainland Business Services

Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has segmented Dubai into three different jurisdiction, out of all three Dubai Mainland remains the king. Mainland offers all the exceptional and business location of the city with smooth transportation.

Envisioning to setup a business in Dubai? There is no better option than to choose Dubai Mainland that offers all the convenience you can think of. Building your empire in Dubai Mainland not only gives you a larger market to deal with, instead in benefits your company in all aspects of economic, social, political stability.

In order to setup your business, every entrepreneur must have entire knowledge about the market and consumers to avoid any loopholes. Starting your own company can be challenging and we care about your business, CIG Dubai offers professional consultancy with experts who are pro with all the mainland business details and help your business out through all legal stages. From company registration, to finding the perfect office, researching about the target market, till setting up your business, our experts can make your investment into a fortune with proper guidance and strategies in for mainland within a few days. Business setup in Dubai can be a real tiresome task based on documentation processes and approvals, your company must have multiple licenses, registrations and other agreements.

CIG Dubai has got you covered in all aspects of setting up your Business in Dubai Mainland – have a look at your following services.

Professional License

A business in Dubai Mainland can be only established when it owns three licenses. One of the most essential one is a Professional License, if you are entrepreneur who is envisioning to setup a business ground covering professional service related industry, this is the one for you! The services can include consultancy services, car or transfer services, cleaning services, agriculture services etc. Our experts at CIG Dubai can make it easier for you by getting you a professional license in no time.

Commercial License

If you are opting a commercial business covering multiple kinds of trading activities, such as advertising, electrical trading, commodities trading, food business, fuel supply and much more, Commercial License is what you will require! Commercial trading business is one of the most popular and common type yet it still requires multiple permissions from ministry of economy and commerce. CIG Dubai is going to make it easier for you like no other.

Industrial License

The third license relates to the industrial license that is used for manufacturing and industrial units. Industrial trade licenses are approved and given by the Department of Economic Development, learn all about industrial licenses by reaching out to CIG Dubai as we are going to make this process easier for you like never before.